Germany 2002, feature film, S-16mm, color, 83 min. Directed by: Torsten Löhn (BR, MDR, cinema; Best Cinematography 2003 Brooklyn International Film Festival, Studio Hamburg Young Talent Award in Bronze, Munich Film Festival, Kiev, New Delhi, Saarbrücken et al)

Prize for best cinematography

15 year-old Paule leads a wild life on the streets of Berlin. Together with the just 12 year-old Arnel, who dreams of returning to his Bosnian home, he shoplifts from department stores and in expensive shopping districts. Everything changes when Paul robs Julia and falls in love with her. He follows the 18 year-old home, returns her stolen things to her, and claims to be older than he really is. Soon the girl, who has enjoyed a sheltered life, finds herself attracted by the cheeky charm of the boy and by the thrills of his world. But when his cousin tortures and badly injured Arnel, she realizes just how foreign and dangerous this world is. Paule is drawn ever deeper into the conflict between his old life and the life he dreams about with Julia. No matter how he fights it, in the end this conflict will lead him headlong into disaster.

Brooklyn International Film Festival
Verleihinformation: Basis-Fim