Spain 2010, feature film, 90 min. Featuring: Jaqueline Duarte, Josean Bengoetxea, Leire Berrocal. Directed by: Maru Solores, cinematography by: Frank Amann, assistant director: Emilio Pérez, camera assistant: Gaizko Fanarraga Rodriguez, lighting by: Félix Guede, production managers: Txarli LLorente and Txarly Marqués, produced by: Basque Films Bilbao (Carlos Juarez), cinema, ETB

Ane is a blind girl entering puberty. Through her uncle Antonio, a charismatic and well-traveled photographer, she discovers love, photography and her own strength. Overly protected by her parents and excluded by the kids her age whom she encounters while on summer holiday by the sea, she photographs things that shed new light on her family and bring turmoil into the life they share.

The film stars a 13 year-old blind actress; the film was shot at the coast near Bilbao.