In postproduction

Feature (D/ UA), with: Yelizar Nazarenko, Udo Samel, Maria Bruni, directed by: Marcus Lenz, filmed by: Frank Amann, produced by: Hanfgarn & Ufer (Berlin), BelkaStrelka (Kyiv), Wildfilms (Düsseldorf)

Boisterous, 10 year old, Roman living in a village in Ukraine wants to move to his mother, who illegally works as a nurse in a German private home. But there in Germany is this other man. A time of lurking and mutual encircling begins, a tension between power struggles and tentative rapproachment. A dramatic, unequal fight, fueled by jealousy, love and the necessity to survive.

Shooting has been completed in September 2018 in Germany and Ukraine.


In postproduction

Short documentary (30 min.), directed by: Ivette Löcker, written by: Ivette Löcker, Inga Pylypchuk, filmed by: Frank Amann, edited by: Dieter Pichler, produced by: Katrin Springer (Filmkantine Berlin) for the series »Ab 18!« (3sat)

Eighteen year old friends Anja and Serjoscha live in Mariupol, in the east of Ukraine, close to the front line. They have to rediscover their ways in a city, which has been unsettled by war and has undergone an unexpected acceleration. With happenings and performances they fight against sexism and gender stereotypes.

»Anja and Serjoscha« is nearly completed and will premiere at »Artdocfest« filmfestival in Riga 21st of October 2018.