Germany 2004, feature film, S-16mm, color, 90 min. Written by: Peter Märthesheimer, Pea Fröhlich, directed by: Michael Hammon, cinematography by: Frank Amann, music by: Irmin Schmidt, production design by: Ursula Otten, film editing by: Angela Oechler, sound design by: Marcus Heimeshoff, costume design by: Ursula Scharfschwert, makeup by: Elke Maake-Meyer, editorial department: Wolf-Dietrich Brücker (WDR), Brigitte Dithard (SWR),Dieter Pfaff (Dr. Maximilian Bloch), Katrin Saß (Hanna), Ulrike Krumbiegel (Clara), Katharina Wackernagel (Leonie)

Bloch and Clara have decided to go their separate ways. Clara has allowed herself a “misstep”, which Bloch, always a good judge of character, chooses not to forgive. And so he leaves to stay with his daughter in Cologne and lick his wounds. There he’s in for quite a surprise: For his ex-wife and Leonie’s mother Hannah is also visiting her daughter, looking for support. The result is an odd ex-family constellation that gets feelings running high all around.