Germany/Austria 2014, feature, 100 min, b/w and color, featuring Victoria Schulz, Anton Spieker, Ben Becker, Ursula Ofner, Thorsten Merten, Cora Frost, Tino Hillebrand, Ernie Mangold, Walfriede Schmitt et al, directed by: Christian Frosch, camera assistant: Markus Otto (Red Monochrome and Red Epic), lighting by: Martin Bourgund, set design by: Joscha Jenneßen, produced by: Jost Hering Film and Prisma Film Diagonale Graz 2015: Audience Award, best editing, Filmfest Oldenburg: Opening film, Seymour Cassel Award for Victoria Schulz, German Actors Award 2015 for Victoria Schulz and Anton Spieker (young actors category)

Cinematic release: 12 March 2015

1967 – Martin and Ruby are young and rebellious. And they must pay a high price because of it: Expulsion from school, corporal punishment at home until, finally, they are sent away to a home. But they are determined to fight for their love. In 1977, ten years later, Ruby looks back on those years, bitterly taking stock of what transpired. In her current job as a singer of evergreens, she has to portray the world through rose-colored glasses. One evening, just before she goes on stage, she is visited by the ghosts of her past.

“His unrelenting gaze makes an important contribution in working through West German postwar history.” cinema

“A gripping drama about the restorative Federal Republic… A dense fabric of scenes that unfolds into a broad, almost dreamlike openness… This film is, in all respects, a great achievement.” Filmdienst

“Much like Fassbinder, Frosch manages to re-politicize the melodrama.” epd-Film

“Like perhaps no one before him, director Christian Frosch succeeds in this uncompromising view of the drastic clash of two generations at the end of the 1960s. Pulsating images, grand dynamic montages and intelligent color dramaturgy, when added to the performance of exciting actors such as new discovery Victoria Schulz, make Frosch’s new creation a highlight of contemporary German film.” Filmfestival Oldenburg Catalogue