Germany 2009, docufiction, S-16mm, 90 min. Directed by: Gordian Maugg, cinematography for feature film parts by: Frank Amann, cinematography for documentary parts by: Lutz Reitemeier, camera assistant: Markus Otto, lighting by: Daniel Klaucke, set design by: Michael Rasch, production design by: Fritz Günthner, Jürgen Kleine, costume design by: Anja Schulinus, Stefanie Jauss, film editing by: Florentine Bruck, production management: Claudia Gatzke, produced by: LE Vision Leipzig (Simone Baumann), NDR

“And the world is hungry. Germany is only one part of this world. For hunger knows no difference between victors and the vanquished.”

Six people who experienced and survived the unusually cold winter of 1946 speak openly in front of the camera. Destruction, hunger, humiliation, rape, death. In 1946, death is still rampant: a mother loses her newborn child. Re-created scenes, archival material and interviews reconstruct a period that until this day has left a deep impression on these individuals, and will not let them forget.

Broadcast information: 27 December 2009, 9:45 pm, ARD, repeat broadcast on NDR: Sunday, 23 January 2011, 8:15 pm.

Gordian Maugg, Trailer