Germany 2008, TV film, S-16mm, 93 min, featuring Julia Koschitz, Johann von Bülow, Roman Knitzka, Axel Milberg, Oliver Mallison, Thomas Held. Directed by: Diethard Küster, cinematography by: Frank Amann, camera assistant: Markus Otto, Julian Hagen, lighting by: Markus Thiermeier, set design by: Ruthard Schulz-Ulrich, production design by: Egon Strasser, costume design by: Monika Hinz, film editing by: Nicola Undritz, production management: Werner Reitmeier, produced by: Roxy-Film Munich (Annie Brunner), SAT1 (editorial director: Jochen Ketschau).

In a small town in Germany, the roof of a gym collapses, injuring several young people, killing one. The city building contractor (Klaus Manchen) is convicted. His daughter Andrea (Julia Koschitz), who had moved away several years ago as a result of a dispute and is now a public prosecutor in a big city, is supposed to come back and help. Upon her return, she meets friends from her school days with whom she played in a band. Among them, her ex-boyfriend Thomas (Roman Knizka). She must now face her past. After her father is found shot in his office one morning, she decides to stay to figure out what is going on. The story of a farewell, but also of corruption and nepotism in a small town.