Germany 2007, documentary film, HDCAM, 57 min. Directed by: Paula Rodriguez Sickert, assistant director and sound: Nicolas Hammerschlag, cinematography by: Frank Amann, John Márquez, Francisco Dominguez, Mathias Kopp, produced by: Heike Raab (Pimento Medien), NDR/ARTE

A very personal portrait of the Chilean writer Isabel Allende. Famous as an enlightened fighter against injustice and oppression, she is at the same time a very passionate storyteller. In the words of her husband Willi, just watching her and seeing her incredible energy is enough to make you tired. Isabel Allende has written 20 novels to date, with over 35 million copies sold and translations in over 30 languages. The film approaches Isabel Allende in her new home in San Francisco and explores her roots in Chile and Venezuela. Director Paula Rodriguez Sickert also uses Super-8 footage from Isabel Allende’s family archive.