Germany 2007, feature film, 35mm, approx. 100 min. Featuring Juliane Köhler and Axel Prahl, directed by: Sylke Enders, cinema/WDR/RBB. Film rating: “Particularly commendable”

Following her release from prison, Alex (Juliane Köhler) takes on a simple job and withdraws to a quiet house in the country. And while she hopes to avoid all contact with people, a boy (Leonard Carow) who hangs around the formerly abandoned house foils her plan. His father Piet (Axel Prahl) also establishes contact with Alex. They celebrate birthday parties together and try to save the lives of newborn piglets. It could be a new beginning, but after the boy sets fire to a car, Piet is furious. Once again, Alex is confronted with the seeming inevitability of violence.

Written and directed by: Sylke Enders, cinematography by: Frank Amann, camera assistant: Markus Otto, Gina Guzy, lighting by: Daniel Klaucke, set design by: Bernd Schultz, production design by: Tommy Stark and Kerstin Eichner, costume design by: Simone Simon, produced by: Juri Wiesner (Beagle Films)

Available on DVD in the X-Edition

Festival of German Cinema: Special Jury Prize Hof Film Festival (opening film), Max Ophüls Festival Saarbrücken, rating: “Particularly commendable”