MURER – ANATOMY OF A TRIAL opens Diagonale Filmfestival Graz 2018

We are happy and proud to announce, that our feature film »Murer – Anatomy of a Trial« has been nominated as the opening film for  Diagonale Filmfestival 2018 in Graz. Director Christian Frosch reconstructs with a very large cast of 72 speaking parts the trial versus Franz Murer, who was the head of the administration for the extermination of the Jewish inhabitants of Vilnius (Latvia) during the second world war. The feature film is based on until now widely unknown court records. Eighteen years after the end of the second world war Franz Murer is accused for this crimes in his native country Austria – but after an unusually short court hearing the trial ends with the verdict of not guilty. A scandal.

After the festival the film will open in Austrian cinemas March 16th 2018